A1 – TWCOR – Hidden Source (Original Mix)

A2 – TWCOR – Hidden Source (Endlec Remix)

B1 – TWCOR – Vervoids (Original Mix)

B2 – TWCOR – Cipher Complex (Original Mix)

DB – TWCOR – Paragon Lost (Digital Bonus)

TWCOR – Hidden Source [BLACKROD007]

For this release we joined our forces with a renowed german duo, TWCOR. Björn and Markus develop their sound from the inspiration of everyday influences, which are augmented and brought to life by their unique set up. They ride the creative wave of each sound and produce techno without compromise: raw and unapologetic. On the remixer side we are pleased to welcome Endlec. His first ever vinyl release was from Rotterdam based Mord Records, that got the attention of the international techno scene.

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