A1 – Depthon – Exhale (Original Mix)

A2 – Depthon – Relax (Original Mix)

B1 – Depthon – Exhale (Chris Koegler Remix)

B2 – Depthon – Exhale (Akos Wex Remix)

Depthon – Exhale & Relax [BLACKROD006]

Our next strike called Exhale EP’ is the second release of the label owner himself: Depthon.

Depthon filled the A-side with two original tracks: Exhale (A1) featuring tripping bells as main part. Background is made up of different drums and a synth, filtering on and off during the track.
Relax (A2) has a more atmospheric background and a bit more monotone than Exhale – a perfect opening track.

The B-side opens up with a remix from Chris Koegler (B1), a south German artist & producer from Stuttgart. His remix is more powerful, straight to the point and industrial, although never forgetting to be a track for the dancefloor. Two rolling synths and uprising pads are mixing the bells while drums and FX solidify the background.

The Hungarian (Sopron) artist Akos Wex (B2) did his first work for Blackrod with this remix. It’s stamped by a distortion synth and a massive kick. It’s a bit more minimalistic with atmopsheric background and bells which fade in and out in perfect time.

All in all we have 4 great clubbing tracks – powerful assets for each sound system!

Selected Feedbacks

Paul Ritch (Drumcode / SCI+TEC / Cocoon)
digging relax and exhale remix by chris koegler thanks
Kaiserdisco (Tronic / Drumcode)
Relax sounds cool. will try.
Robert Lamart (Kidnapping)
Exhale (Akos Wex Remix) my fav here. Thx!
Antigone (Concrete Music, Children of Tomorrow, Taapion, Indigo Aera, )
Chris Koegler for me thx
P.Leone (Work Them Records, Rekids, E-MISSIONS)
all of em!
Len Faki (Podium / Behrgain / Panoramabar / Ostgut Ton)
exhale and relax are up my streets here! thX LF
Timmo (Drumcode / Octopus)
that’s super cool!
Roberto Capuano (Drumcode / Analytictrail)
Great EP!!
Shlomo (Taapion Records / Delsin)
nice ep
Ben Gibson (Dyad)
Digging Exhale and the Chris Koegler remix, thanks
Dylan Hermelijn (2000 and One / 100% Pure / Intacto)
Cool EP, thank you
Anthony Castaldo (Respekt)
Great ep full support
Nicole Moudaber (Drumcode / Space Ibiza)
Discrete Circuit (Tellerrand Rec.)
DRIVINING Techno tools! Thanks
Adam Beyer (Drumcode)
exhale is wicked
The Advent (Thema)
Leftfield (Leftfield)
wicked Akos Wex remix
Marcus L (Faust )
Love Relax
Raphael Dincsoy (Lehmann Club)
downloadning. thx
The Black Dog
Nice and dark, will give these a try.
Hiroaki Iizuka (Self Reflektion)
Thanks for the promo. I really like all tracks!
Young Male (Work Them, White Material)
4 killer tracks. Gorgeous rhythmic sonic weapons
Frank Maurel (Ovum / BPM Portugal / Neopop Festival)
Strong stuff. Will try. Tks.
Luigi Madonna (Phobiq / Drumcode)
Thanks for the music.
Denise Rabe (ARTS, Ressort, Mutewax)
Relax and Chris’s form me. Thanks!
Baikal (Maeve)
Julianna Cuervo (Move, DOCE)
Great techno tool Exhale, thanks for the promo.
Rush Plus (Rush Plus DC)
Exhale sounds money, will play no doubt!
Dax J (Monnom Black)
Luke Slater
First ones a nice roller
Jay Clarke (Klockworks / Blackaxon)
Akos Wex remix sounds cool! Thx
M.I.D.I. (Phobiq / Remain / Analytictrail)
relax is amazing, cool pack
Gabriella Vergilov (Enemy Records, Palinoia,, Thema Recordings)
A2 and B2 for me,merci! *GV*
Dave Miller (Abstract Division)
Will support the Exhale track, thanks
Electric Indigo (Suicide Circus, Blaq Records)
Exhale is my pick here, will play, thank you!
Sintek (Phobiq / Respekt)
Damn smashing!!! Love Chris Koegler remix!!
Marco Effe (Break New Soil, Prism)
Nice EP, i feel more into the “Exhale” Original mix, thanks!
Dimitri Kneppers (Planet E, KMS records)
Cool stuff in here. Exhale and Akos remix are my favs. Will definitely play the original. Thanks
Conrad Van Orton (Modularz, PoleGroup)
Koegler version has a nice groove! thx
Kontal (Revolt Recording)
really good ep. all tracks will work for me. thanks