The first release on Blackrod coming this winter. The original artist is a hungarian producer, Depthon. We asked him a few questions, he was happy to answer.

His career started on the beginning of the new millenium. Along the music site he developed and operated his presence in the night life as a DJ became constant, moreover he started to make his own songs as a producer. With his high-class creations he enriched several DJ’s.

The „Talent Of The Year 2010” was the outbreak in his career, in the competition of the most popular Hungarian electronic music magazine, called Soundhead.hu. Alongside his producer and DJ career Depthon has found his unique specialty in the music industry with live effects as he is improvising on the DJ stage with his own sounds, loops and other rhythms.

What was the music that inspired you to create electronic music?

It’s hard to answer, I listened a lot of electronic music during the past years. I think the one which inspired me the most is K3 & Alice Lascelles – Play To Win (Radio Slave Dub)

How did you come up with the alias “Depthon”?

I was looking for a name which sounds deep and dark, like my music. So I played a bit with some words. The meaning of Depthon = Depth: On. I think this alias represents well my music and personality.

Who are some artists that you look up to?

I really like what Lewis Fautzi plays, but I’m a big fan of Oscar Mulero and Florian Meindl. Sometimes I listen to different styles also. Moby is the person who makes me totally crazy, i try not to miss his concert when he plays in my region. Some years ago during a Moby concert I told to one of my friends: “Man, I will travel to Moby’s next show for sure if it’s in my 500 km area”.

What are your plans for the future of the project?

I’m working hard now on new music. I’d like to release on some great labels and it seems it’s possible in the near future. I’m in negotiation with some well-known label managers. Stay tuned! 🙂

How often do you shop for new music and which format do you prefer?

Fortunately, I am not limited to vinyl or digital releases. I play what I like, which means I can shop online and in record shops. I try to go and buy new music every couple of weeks.