Michel Lauriola – Scales EP with Takaaki Itoh Remix

Blackrod Records, recognized for exploring the combination between minimalism and simplicity with an industrial approach, released the latest dynamic EP Scales of Venezuelan DJ and Producer Michel Lauriola. The EP’s rhythmic techno, heavy cadent lows and recurring industrial strokes fascinate. You will absorb every bit of the sound.

Smooth (Original Mix)’s boosting, adrenaline-rushed energy will undeniably keep you moving. The remix of Smooth by Takaaki Itoh keeps the tension building but adds a touch of melody and progressiveness to the track. Maze (Origi- nal Mix) follows up with a more hypnotic beat. Recurring high-pitched kicks oppress your mind, expelling all other thoughts by comforting you into each and every layer of rhythm. Scales (Original Mix) rounds off the EP, bringing Lauriola’s signature dark – foreboding sound once again with impeccably crafted percussion, soothing you gradually into the groove.


PRE-ORDER: http://go.blackrod.net/blackrod004v