Find us at Independent Label Fair 2019 X Telekom Electronic Beats

The Independent Label Fair Budapest is Hungary’s first initiative to bring the country’s independent music scene together. We encourage independent record labels to go offline, gather and present their catalogues to each other and most importantly to their audiences.

Our goals:
– To give an opportunity to interested audiences to discover new labels, to find interesting releases, to support the labels by purchasing their products directly from them.
– To provide a platform to the labels where they can meet in person, exchange experience regardless of musical genres. The fair can give the labels publicity and help them to improve in every aspect of their activities.

– more than 40 invited labels (participating labels: see above)
– genres: house, techno, hip hop, rock, jazz, disco, afro, funk, electronica, punk, experimental, electro, acid, downtempo, synth-wave, drum&bass, dub…
– concerts and live acts performed by artists of the participating labels
– lectures, round tables discussions on relevant topics (production of physical releases, distribution, etc), details TBA
– cooperation with HAIL (Hungarian Association of Independent Labels)

Free entry.
Powered by Telekom Electronic Beats.
TEB: https://www.facebook.com/events/872477649803769/
The event is going to take place as a section of the Telekom Electronic Beats Lifestyle Market in this year.
The ILF panel discussions are sponsored by Merlin.