Blackrod takes part in Independent Label Fair Budapest 2018

The first Independent Label Fair turned out pretty well last year, we had more than 50 Hungarian labels, so there was little doubt whether we should continue and have a second one this year. Our goals have not changed a bit:
– Visitors of the fair can meet the people behind their favourite labels in person, support them directly by purchasing their relaeses, and off course, discover new gems.
– At the fair labels will have the chance to reach a wider audience and sell their old and new releases (vinyl, CDs, tapes, T-shirts, etc)

There are quite a few independent labels in Hungary which may have heard of each other but never really had the chance to meet up, check each others catalogues and have fun together. With the Independent Label Fair Budapest we would like to change this and give the Hungarian independent scene the opportunity to go offline and get together creating a win-win situation for everyone.


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