Blackrod releases a new EP from techno producer, Robert S

Deep, sharp beats are ever-present with his new release, ‘Granulized EP’. Robert hails from Madera Island in Portugal. Where you can sense an island vibe in his dark techno. With a consistent sound and a high BPM, ‘Granulized’ presents to listeners an energizing movement. On the A-side we start with ‘Granulized’, which offers simplicity with a consistent moody beat that stands strong throughout the entire track. Next, the ‘MTD Mix’ offers variety with transitions and drops, keeping the listeners on edge for the next turn. Flipping to the B-side, ‘Sad Carnival’ offer’s to listeners a journey, with the peak of the track vibrating a multi-layered soundscape.

‘Incident 25’ wraps up this EP, still running strong and hard with the familiar beats found throughout the release.

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