Björn and Markus throw their equipment in the trunk and get in the car. They are heading to a gig together. But this gig is different than what they are both used to from their strong personal careers as techno artists. As a live-act duo, they not only bring together a bunch of analog and modular gadgets, but also unite extensive experience and wisdom gathered throughout the past decade.TWCOR is not just a project, more the result of a pure inner urge for musical forward-thinking.

2010 is the year the two musicians get to know each other – they are immediately in accord. They both attend the same musical alma mater in Cologne, they are hanging out at the same parties, they end up being booked to the same gigs. The stepping-stones for a long-term friendship and an artistic collaboration are being laid here. The first co-operative vinyl at the techno label Nachstrom Schallplatten follows naturally. The undeniable impulse for constant mutual influence makes it clear, that besides their individual projects, the work together has to continue.

Björn and Markus develop their sound from the inspiration of everyday influences, which are augmented and brought to life by their unique set up. They ride the creative wave of each sound and produce techno without compromise: raw and unapologetic. As an artistic extension, they call to life their own vinyl label ‘Borderlands’, which is their main platform for releasing their work. The feedback and support for their past releases at Planet Rhythm prompts them to
produce further singles, EPs and albums.

Releases on Blackrod