Mirrørmask discovered electronic music in his young age, but he really deepened into techno music in 1998. A year later he bought his first vinyls and began to build his DJ career. From the very beginning found himself in the underground techno and he played music by artists such as: Surgeon, Regis, Oscar Mulero, James Ruskin, Jeff Mills, Oliver Ho, The Advent and so on.

In the early 2000s, was given an opportunity to play in a small club from week to week, where he could show his unique sound. These club nights have become more and more popular so his name also became well-known to the audience and intertwined with techno. Due to this he received great deal of invitations to different clubs and events in Hungary over the years.

After spending 10 years behind the decks, in 2009 he started to work on his own tracks under the name Monocraft and got his first release in January 2010. In subsequent years Monocraft’s name – thanks to his releases – became well known in the international scene and came out at influential labels such as: Silent Steps, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Android Muziq, Phobiq or Brood Audio and his works are played by big names like Dave Clarke, James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Drumcell or Richie Hawtin.

The new pseudonym was born in 2015. In the beginning, he was just working under that name secretly in the background but now Mirrørmask became his main artist name and his tracks played by Chris Liebing at Time Warp 2017 and Hyperspace 2017 or Dave Clarke at his White Noise radio show and released at labels like LCR, Counter Pulse, Illegal Alien, Android Muziq or Affekt Recordings…

His music is mostly deeper, darker with hypnotic synth leads, but at the same time raw, energetic and powerful with strong bass lines and pounding grooves.

The next step in Mirrørmask’s musical journey – after months of planning – at the beginning of 2016 he launched his own label called: Dark Fields. The main idea of the label is to deliver uncompromising, unique, quality techno from talented artists. His label’s musics already played and supported by: James Ruskin, Exium, Dr. Motte, Developer, Mark EG, Bas Mooy, Mattias Fridell, Vlaysin, Tomohiko Sagae, Unam Zetineb, Kereni, Xpansul, Paul Nazca, Submerge, Corvum, Alex Dolby, Amotik, Patrick DSP, Electric Indigo, Moteka, Thomas P. Heckmann…

In 2018 Mirrørmask joined to Blackrod booking roster.


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