Chris Koegler

Christian Kögler aka „Chris Koegler”, Techno Artist, Producer, Label Manager and A&R from Stuttgart.

Chris was born in 1987 in the outskirts of Ulm, Germany.
As an infant of only 12 years old, he first got in touch with music. At the age of 20, Chris visited a DJ school in Ulm, where he digged deep into a world of vinyl, literally learning the real Djing.
Soon, he got his first gigs in clubs and also grew fast for bigger venues and succeeded getting his first jobs on festivals such as SEMF festival in Stuttgart, Germany.

Chris used to work as a resident DJ at Zollamt, a Techno club in Stuttgart and got also booked for the legendary “Tresor” in Berlin and a whole bunch of more cities like Basel Switzerland, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Freiburg, Nuernberg, Heilbronn, Ulm and on and on.

As a producer, Chris published his music on labels such as Wall Music, Counter Pulse, Neuhain, Blackrod, De-Konstrukt and MONOTON:audio where he also works as an A&R manager.

Chris Koegler is a full time employee as a label manager at dig dis!, a Stuttgart based music distributor where he supports over 110 Techno labels.


Booking Territory: Worldwide

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