Depthon – Last Train EP

3 of Depthon’s own works and in addition a remix by Glaswegian techno prodigy and Sleaze Records labelhead Hans Bouffmhyre. “Last Train” is the first pulsating and powerful track that works as the opening window of this EP, followed by the remix by Bouffmyhre, which could could be described as an immaculate upgrade to the original.

On the flipside, it’s “Faded” that is exemplary to the saying “less is more”: dark and simple pads on a compelling background that surely will keep one’s attention throughout the course. Last but not least is “Timelapse” that contrary to the other tracks uses high pitched synths as a lead, in combination with hissing hi-hats and a constantly changing scenery.

As a bonus for the people that purchase the digital version, we have the remix of “Faded” by Chris Koegler. While not losing any drive, he implemented more melody in order to create a more emotionally charged techno track. Alltogether, these tracks form a solid collection of forceful tracks and a perfect debut of an artist and his new label.

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